Saturday, June 07, 2014

Nectar pain points

Summary of the process 

The crucial parts with Nectar are ensuring you have
  • a Nectar account
  • Security Rules for the right ports
  • a keypair set up for the initial admin login 
  • a Nectar allocation to launch the RStudio server against
  • somewhere to log into the virtual machine from (e.g. via SSH with MobaXTerm on Windows)
  • a tiny bit of Linux-fu to create a normal user

Pain points

  • You *must* create a Keypair before launching a machine, save the .pem file somewhere sensible so you can use it multiple times. 
  • Security Groups can be added / modified to suit *after* launching, so this is less critical. 
  • Note that the user for CentOS is "ec2-user" NOT "centos": 


Use this to logon, remembering to check the actual "user@" name you need (e.g. ec2-user not centos): 
 ssh ubuntu@[ip.number] -i [thekey].pem

OR use a client like MobaXTerm, this is easier than putty on Windows. (Moba can use the .pem directly). 

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