Monday, December 23, 2013

Squeezebox and Spotify

And for Spotify on the Squeezebox Duet you want the following dialog for Plugins:

It's in there under "3rd party Spotify plugin".

Sunday, December 08, 2013

Synchronize headless Squeezebox

Every few years I need to do this, and re-spend an annoying few hours figuring out how. Here's what to do:

  • Squeezebox server is running. 
  • Find the device we want to synchronize with. Normally in single-player mode you cannot see this menu in the top-right, since it only populates for multiple players: 

That's where we want to get to. 
  • Install Squeezelite which acts as a headless  device.  Softsqueeze, this is a pretty dicky GUI program that looks like the traditional squeezebox physical device. We only want to run the headless version, which installs at the same time.

  • When that is installed run it, run the headless version "softsqueezeHeadless.exe", and when ready put this in your startup. 
  • Now, on the main Squeezebox server page you should see at least the two devices under "Settings" (at the bottom of the page here):

  • We are close!  Go into the Player Settings for Softsqueeze, or whatever new device it is you've added. Now under the top settings menu (default is "Basic Settings") you'll find a "Synchronize" option, this is hidden interface that only appears when you do have multiple devices (same as the multiple device menu seen above). (This is tidy interface design, but not exactly easy to figure out when you are getting going, typical of lame Apple wannabe etc. . . .)
  • So, just use that menu to synchronize with the default Squeezebox device and all is well. Note that the volume at the device level may be synchronized  as well. Enjoy.